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If you wait until you need it...it may be too late!

How do you want things to be left if you have a seriously disabling illness or accident?

We have no idea what life has in store for us, highlighted by the current pandemic in a very real and sobering way. It doesn’t matter if you’re 40, 50, 60 or beyond, anything from the Coronavirus, a cardiac event or a car accident could leave you unable to manage your affairs, temporarily or even permanently. 


Unless you have a registered Lasting Power of Attorney in place, the state will take on the role of decision-maker for you, even if you have a joint bank account and a will set up. 

Ideally Everyone needs TWO Lasting Powers of Attorney

Property & Finance LPA

The Financial and Property LPA gives you the opportunity to appoint someone to take care of your assets and finances should you be unable to.  You can assign decision-making powers to:

  • Pay your mortgage and bills
  • Sell your property
  • Collect pensions, wages or benefits
  • Manage your investment portfolio
  • Pay school fees

Health & Welfare LPA

The Health and Welfare LPA gives you the opportunity to appoint someone to make decisions for you regarding your health and living arrangements.  You can assign decision-making powers to: 


  • Book and manage additional care and therapies to aid your recovery
  • Decide where it would be best for you to live
  • Administer medication and speak to medical staff 
  • Manage your diet, clothes and day-to-day schedule

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney?

It is a legal tool that allows you to appoint someone you know and trust to manage both your financial, and health and welfare affairs in the event that you become unable to do so because you lack mental capacity. N.B. A Will only comes into effect upon a death.

We'll help you fill in all the forms and get them registered!

We recognise that the prospect of filling in legal forms and even discussing end of life care can feel really daunting and scary. We are here to support you through the process, check your documents and ensure all your signatures are obtained in the correct order (if they’re not you will have to start again). 

Does Carer Support South Lakes charge a fee?

Yes, we do charge a small administration fee in addition to the Office of Public Guardian’s registration fee, which helps us raise funds to provide a greater range of services to support and enhance the lives of more unpaid carers of all ages throughout South Lakeland. 

When you complete the forms, and submit through Carer Support South Lakes, we’ll check for any errors or missing information, helping you to avoid any unnecessary costs from re-submissions or delays.  

Helping you, helps us!

Consider who in your close family needs to get their affairs in order:

Have you considered who in your close family have not put their LPAs in place yet? You, your spouse, partner, mum, dad, in-laws and any grown-up children? The fees are split between those due to the Office of the Public Guardian for registration, and service fees paid to us for the preparation and administration to act as Certificate Provider. 

As far as possible we offer discounted fees for multiple registrations. 

Payment options available: Payment in full; 2-part Payments; 3-part Payments

Do You Remember Granny's Hidden Biscuit Tin?

You only have to take one step back to find a generation where important financial documents were to be found in the “biscuit tin” or a shoe box at the back of the wardrobe. Or, perhaps they were in the infamous “bottom drawer”, along with the old love letters and photos.

This was often referred to as “putting your affairs in order”. 

The truth is we have never been very good at talking or even thinking about the difficult things in life – the impact of accidents or serious illness, the relentless creep of old-age and incapacity. All of which will have a significant impact on the welfare of those who we love. On those who may depend on our financial support and on whom we will depend to look after our hopes and wishes, and our hard earned wealth in the event that our capacity to manage our own financial affairs is lost.

Often we only refer to these issues by euphemism, if you are not familiar with this term the dictionary gets it so right – “a polite or indirect expression that replaces words or phrases considered harsh or uncomfortable”.

Surprisingly the system worked well, the documents were usually all there – bank statements, pension book, life insurance, house insurance, savings pass book, a will and possibly the unnerving “grave deeds”… As relatives grew older there would be the occasional reference to where the documents might be found in the event of death or serious illness.

However, enough nostalgia, nowadays our financial affairs are too complex to be captured in a “biscuit tin”, with the possible exception of a will.

What matters today is the core information in respect of what property, pensions, bank accounts, loans or policies you hold and the all-important reference numbers with which, with appropriate legal authority such as a “Lasting Power of Attorney”, your partner, relative or chosen friend will be able to administer your affairs, maintain an income flow to your dependents, manage your saving & maintain your investments.

Biscuit Tin Checklist

Please download below a template for recording your personal financial affairs, (your modern day biscuit tin!)